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A continent of infinite history and culture, a land of picturesque coastlines, mountains and rolling hills dotted with wineries and centuries-old towns and cosmopolitan centers as extraordinary now as they were a thousand years ago, Europe inspires the imagination like few places on Earth. Italy, the French Riviera, Paris, London, the Amalfi Coast, Greece -- the very names conjure images of spectacular cities and landscapes, gorgeous beaches, Alpine vistas, and charming Mediterranean isles. No matter which corner of Europe you choose, you'll find a wealth of things to do and possible trip itineraries for a perfect luxury vacation.

With its fascinating cities and picturesque small towns, distinctive cultures, climates, and culinary experiences, there is no one way to ‘do’ Europe. From The Colosseum in Rome to Buckingham Palace in London, Haggis in Ireland to Souvlaki in Greece, with its vastly different historical sites, languages, foods and landscapes, there is something for everyone within the countries that form this unique continent.